Life Lessons


fe Lessons

It seems time is flying. When I looked back in flash back – gain and losses. But everything form part of Life Lessons.  Let’s read a story today..

As a child, I always had an imaginary mind wondering why things are like this and this was the most crazy seasons in my life.  I would be agog with excitement and lost in my fantasy world.  As time evolved , one day I came across Anthony Robbins Book which could give you great determination and fortitude. I realized I could strain every nerve to succeed now as I held the key to success. And later I almost forgot it.

Life Lesson
Life Lesson

My Life Lessons

In vain!! With each passing day, I shifted to another medium of frequency. I stepped out from my fantasy world and now I was in reality with real people. Why! Because now I was growing up and realise this is reality.
I came across many failures, struggles, criticism and disappointment.  All my hopes paralysed me to death. I would often be distracted by unwanted thoughts which blocked my path to success. Most of the times only fears would thrill through my veins.  I thought I should stay quiet even if others would criticize me or belittle me .  I thought I should follow what the society was nurturing and if I do not, I am a loser.  This made me emotionally sensitive.  

But my soul was worried of my state.  I would constantly hear a voice repeatedly saying to me the day I stopped my negative thoughts, that’s the beginning of your new era. Earlier, I had no control over my emotions, my fears, negative feelings and thoughts. But I guess I am an evolved soul, an empath.

Destiny, Faith! I do not know what to call it. I came across my miraculous book –  The Law of Attraction.  Probably sent by angels.  A book which totally changed my outlook towards life and I realized I was the only person to be blamed with whatever happened in my life. Call it Personal growth.

I attracted different people in my life and each one played their role which contributed towards my personal growth.  I was in search of truth. My quest, My thirst, A strong desire.
I started to realize my Life Purpose.

I took the first step towards my personal development  and decided it’s time for change.  Destiny gradually  synchronises events in my life and tested me many times. Have I master the life lessons?  Failures and laziness continue to form part of my life and I still had to learn from them. So they never leave you until you master the life lessons.

But today when I looked at all the flash backs, I realized how much I have evolved. Probably thanks to the Law of Attraction and the Silva Method which help me in healing.

Briefly what I would like to share with you.  Everything here is just energy so you are. Nurture your soul.  Awaken the dormant giant within you. Your soul is unique and everyone on earth had their own life purpose and you are not like them. The soul is forever a living entity and it never dies.  you will witness the ups and downs in life but if you decide to take control over the situation, nothing can stop you.  Fall in love with yourself and let others criticize you. You just need to rise above their level and reach the highest divine frequency.  Remember the great manifestation and success that is going to take place.  Follow your Intuition

I am not saying I have now learned everything in life and now I am enlightened. But we are all bound to be enlightened soon. We are just spiritual souls here on earth to learn life lessons.

Today I seize to opportunity to thank every failures, loss, disappointments, criticism that earlier paralysed me.  As long as I hold the positive mindset and the life lessons, I can and I will manage.

Life Lessons
Life Lessons

Some know me already.

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