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Mastering your Emotions



Mastering your Emotions

Mastering your emotions is crucial, else they will dominate you. You better prefer to be in control of your life rather than letting emotions slow you down. Emotions may turn you inward and cloud your vision. Are you the one who constantly feel weakened by any situations? Then it’s time to master your emotions.

Anger, insecurities, constant panic, disappointment, happiness, joy and so on.. !! You name them. They are all emotions. Yes, they are important. But train yourself, your brain to never react in a way which will cause yourself harm. Train yourself to never make a decision while being under the influence of a strong emotion.  Because that’s not who you are. Mastering your emotions involved being in the current moment, observing your surroundings and being in your authentic self. Sometimes it pays to respond rather than to just react. Insecurity is one of the reason which will cause you to panic or vent your anger on others. That’s not the real You. Learn to get physically away from any situation.  Focus on what really serves you.

With a calm spirit and an open mind, learn to question yourself. Is it good to really show anger right now? Can I solve or sort this out without being angry? Will this affect me in 10 days as it is affecting me now? Under such scrutiny, your emotions will lose their hold on you. Believe me, you will soon start think for yourself instead of overreacting.  Choose your best emotions. Emotions tend to narrow the mind as it will only ruin your present moment.

Mastering your emotions allow you to be more flexible, responsible and more productive. Many times, you may encounter yourself with people who will belittle you, besiege you with their endless dramas and so on.. Choose to elevate to a higher frequency. Train your mind every moment like an athlete. It is also true that we do not really have conscious access to the origins of our emotions. When they present themselves, we then interpret them in form of language. Learn to recognize the bias so that you do not confuse yourself. For example, am i really disappointed or am I just pissed off? Why should I be pissed off? Why is this affecting me? Is it really important to me? Is this the only thing in life? Keep asking yourself questions. Yes, you will be tired, but soon will realize this issue may not really be of importance or you may figure out how to sort it out.

Now, there you go on how to better master yourself and your emotions.

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How to build resilience


Build your resilience

We all have ups and downs in life. We fail several times and are often knocked down. It is important to build your resilience in order to survive in this world.


Resilience is the ability to bounce back from all the difficulties that we face. Inability to manage our emotions at such a time will only affect our mental and emotional health. Remember if you keep failing even after several times, do not back down. It will make you stronger. In order to build your resilience, you need to soar higher just like the eagle. Do not fear. View any difficulty as a challenge rather than a problem.  Changing your mindset is more important rather than just reacting to such situations.  Be more committed to your good goals and values. Change them if they no longer serve you. Remember, you do not have to prove yourself to others. In addition, know that there are uncontrollable events in life and you should have personal control over on your self rather than trying to control outside forces.

Quick tips on how to build resilience

  1. Resilient people will always see the positive in any difficult situations. This won’t really erase your tough time but will help you to better solve it or deal with it
  2. Exercise daily as this will help you to build stamina and be more mentally strong. You will get to know your body more
  3. Make your weaknesses your strengths. Do not allow others to exercise control over you
  4. Find something meaningful to do in life which relates to your life purpose
  5. Get involved in some social services so that you keep yourself engaged. It is best to add values to people’s lives
  6. Practice a sense of gratitude daily
  7. Wake up early and exercise ( go for morning walk, meditate )
  8. Pamper yourself. Master yourself first before mastering others
  9. Be more connected to the true source of love. When fears overtake you, return back to the true source of love. Remember your connection to the Holy Spirit
  10. Change your belief about a particular event. Be the observer rather than being the victim
  11. The benefits of yoga do not just improve physical flexibility, but can help you on all levels such as mental and emotional.


Control Your Mind


Control your mind

You may have heard of the power of intention. It is important to control your mind.
Under stress, your mind is always affected which may also impact on your physical response. It will impede focus and concentration.  It may also distance you from social life and weaken your relationships.

What the mind can perceive, it can conceive. You may be trying to control your mind at one time or several times daily. And, it is not working! Have you tried reading books on positivity and all? Still not working! Until you don’t understand that your inner world creates your outer world, you won’t be able to control your mind.

Become the CEO of your own mind. You are the Creator. You are your own Mentor. If your mind is disturbed, listen to it and talk to it. As a leader, you don’t need to be rude to yourself. Listen calmly.  Happiness just doesn’t happen like that. Happiness is a work- to -do.  Solving problems lead to happiness. So, don’t tame yourself to be just positive.

When something isn’t in your control. Let it go, baby. Just let it go. Move on. There’s more room for other works.  Choose what’s good for your soul. There’s a different between compromise and commitment. If you can’t commit, try to find a better way for compromise without affecting your mood. Treat your mind to be happy in such situations.

Simple Quick Meditation to control your mind:

  1. Gratitude Meditation
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Abundance
  4. Unconditional Love
  5. Mindfulness
  6. Visualization
  7. Kriya Yoga

Creating Wellness at home

Wellness at Home

Your home is your ultimate abode. It is thus important to create wellness at home at the first place itself. How would you feel if your home is in a mess! Creating wellness at home helps you to stay in meditative state. We are sure that you love your home. It all starts with healthy eating, positive thinking and ways you set your home.

Begin by decluttering your home. Remove items / possessions which you are not longer using. Possessions are unhealthy especially if you are overly attached to them.
Reach out for an interior designer if you need it. Creating a zen environment is more healthy than having messy or unwanted items around.
You can also reach out for an outdoor space which will get you closer to wellness where you can begin or end the day with Yoga or meditation.

You should also improve your wellness by maintaining a healthy balance diet everyday.  Remove junk food in your kitchen and replace them with more healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, fruit juice and so on.

For your meditation corner, why not include items such as singing bowls, meditation mat, oil and diffusers, good music. I usually prefer music without lyrics.

Discovering Real Abundance


Real Abundance 

What’s abundance for you?

Would you relate real abundance to material possessions only? Look around you.. There’s abundance everywhere. But many are not conscious of real authentic abundance. Stop what you are doing for a while right now. Take your pen and a notebook. Jot down everything that comes to your mind when you think of abundance.  And then, we shall proceed to a wonderful abundance meditation.

Real Abundance

There’s an infinite source which exist. Some call it pure consciousness, a source of love and light. While many focus on abundance as money only, others acknowledge that consciousness can affect the flow of pure, authentic, real abundance. They know that real abundance is the divine right of everyone. If you keep feeling bad of having limited amount of money for instance, you will never attract it. If you feel lack of love, you will always feel lack of love in your surrounded. You should feel love within you first. Feel joy within you first without attaching it to something. Breathe and relax. That’s pure bliss – your breathe. You simply need to know abundance is just right here. Let it flow through you easily and effortlessly. Have you praise nature around you? Friends who are already with you! Have you praise / give thanks to what you already have? Laughter, cheer, being receptive enough are all signs of abundance. Share your gifts to the world. Stop for a while and OBSERVE …



It is easy and simple to do. Cultivate moments of silence everyday. Give yourself time and space to appreciate what nature gave you already. Don’t ignore the beauty of nature. Rather, soak up her and OBSERVE each and everything which nature presents to you. If you want to attract more abundance and feel it within you, I recommend you to follow Mentor Deepak Chopra’s abundance meditation. It is powerful indeed.

Know that everything is made up of energy. So is abundance. So don’t think bad about it. Keep a balance between giving and receiving. And, remember while giving you should feel love within yourself. Yes, money is abundance too. Know that, everything you desire is already within you.

Here’s a short active meditation which you can do daily ( twice )

  1. Breathe and relax. Rub your hands until you feel some warmth.
  2. Say any favorite mantra ( could be I feel loved today, abundance is my birthright, OM, SO HUM, .. )
  3. Then breathe in through your nose (count of 4).
  4. Hold (count of 2)
  5. Exhale (count of 4)
  6. Smile and Relax.
  7. Repeat your mantra ( you can change the mantra daily or repeat as many as you wish daily)

Remember, whenever you feel your mind is wandering or you are feeling bad, bring back your attention to your favorite mantra. Repeat the breathing process and just smile.

Well, mine is The universe has my back 🙂

Is feeling down after sex a normal issue


The Happy Hormones

Sex triggers an increased in the production of oxytocin simply the LOVE HORMONES. Just before orgasm, oxytocin which is released from the brain is accompanied by the release of endorphins. The area of the brain involved in pain reduction is highly activated during arousal and endorphins are released. Endorphin as defined are hormones that are released within the brain and nervous system and that can have many physiological functions. They help to reduce your perception of pain as well acts triggers that make you happy.  We don’t really know if this is a myth, but during orgasm, this happy hormones are release that is endorphins which create a more pleasant, happy and peaceful moments.

But is feeling down after sex a normal issue?

While sex is a pain and stress reliever, some may find a sudden burst of emotions right after orgasm. About 46 percent of women mentioned that they feel down after they orgasm. This is because once the peak of enjoyment or call it ecstasy is reached, hormones tend to return back to their initial state. Women desire to experience it again. They have many things going on in their mind. But know that this phase is short. Feeling down after sex is a normal issue. Your brain will soon adjust itself. Dear Man, Care to cuddle and love her more right after sex. This is the best part in a relationship.

Divine Masculine Energy



If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness. – M. Esther Harding

awakened man

What it means to return back to love!! Whatever your situation is right now, no matter what’s your gender or what prejudice you hold or belief you have, energy always matter. If you feel you are too much drained, afraid to take a major step or something is holding you back, re-check or examine how are YOU FEELING RIGHT NOW?

We are meant to love and to feel that love. It starts with you first. Man,you are as beautiful as everyone. You participate in creation just like woman. You are as divine as us. We value your divine masculine energy.  So, Here, let’s talk more about you.

It’s time to awaken your dormant energy and acknowledge how powerful you can also be in manifesting the dreams or desires you love so much.  It’s time to be consciously aware of everything that you do, how to use powerful metaphor and act back. Act back with love. Because love is the start of everything. It’s time to lay down your ego.

When you let go your ego and anger, you will reconnect back to love which stems from the universe. Knowing well again, that the universe has your back and will always support you. You will believe more in yourself. Knowing that loneliness does not mean you should search for another soul. Whoever you are searching lives within you. The more you start to love yourself more, things will start to synchronize.

It’s time to feel your divine masculine energy by examining your wounds.  Don’t let that keep hurting you. You will vent it on someone else. Be assertive in the most respectful way and take no bullshit. And know that, it’s okay to be vulnerable and emotional. It’s part of you. Honor that and feel that emotion. When you will truly awaken your dormant energy, you will become a warrior of authenticity. A warrior full of love. With all your strength, you will know better how to guard your heart and energy. You will better understand how to set your inner boundaries.  Last but not least, we respect your divine masculine energy.

awakaned man
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Guidance for next few months including 2020


Do you trust your intuition first?

Give it a try


Oracle Card Reading
Akashic Tarot







The Journey

7 of Roses

7 of roses form part of the Minor Arcana of the Akashic Tarot Cards. The Minor Arcana talks about relationships, events, feelings, activities and personal world. Here this card talks about a journey which might soon crop up. You might be going abroad soon either for work or something else. Or, this can also indicate the day to day activities of your life. Like, how you respond to current events, how they might be affecting you. Your life is a journey – not a destination. Just like in this picture, people are loading materials. Similar in your life, you might feel lots of things are going on. You might have been tired and wondering how much you need to give more. Well, you have been giving a lot lately – be it at work. Now what are you giving? Hard work, struggles, pain, your energy, gossips, negativities, judgment, blames, excuses and so on. Hold on. It’s not always about giving. You are out of balance. While there’s a saying – A ship is not meant to stay in the harbour!! So do you.

Like said earlier, life is a journey. It’s filled with adventures as well. Go out and dare to do things you are passionate about. You need BALANCE. Give & Receive. It’s time to receive. Have fun – Plan something.  Time isn’t going to wait for you.

In general, for few of you – there is a high possibility of going abroad. It will be something that will excite you – send thrills to your whole body. Yes, it is. Be ready to fly high. Have faith and prepare yourself. It is related to your dreams.
For a few of you, know that if a journey has been cancelled, it’s divine timing. Have faith and keep believing in your dreams. Have so much of faith in it. You will be surprised how things will soon unfold.
Brief, Rest assured it is going to be MAGICAL FOR ALL.

Why everyone fears to talk about sex


Sex is a beautiful thing

Sex is indeed a beautiful thing. This short article doesn’t serve to discriminate anyone’s thought, and it is not a taboo to talk about it. People should know about it, leave doing it. People think it is a bad thing if we talk about it. But, do you know because people treat it badly, their life are in a mess.


Many people just fall into this trap thinking that they should just jump into it,because everyone is doing it. Well, it is not a show off. Teens of today are more at risk. Maybe because of temptation, and also our curriculum doesn’t really make them aware of it. Why they shouldn’t do it until they are matured enough to take the responsibilities. Sex is a responsibility. Yes, it is also fun as well as sacred.

It is a mean of reproduction. But, you should carefully choose your partner. It is a mental and soul thing, should you understand this deeper! You should first be connected to your partner’s mind. It’s a different.

Many ask, is it okay to have it before marriage? When they should have it? How will they know when to have it? Simple question – Why do you want it? and, do you trust your partner enough? This is the first factor that comes in play. TRUST.

Well, sex is not only a means of reproduction. You will know when you are just read. You simply allow it to happen because of the trust factor. Secondly, you feel fully committed to it. And, also you love your partner. It then becomes a powerful experience bringing two souls together.

We are not here to tell you the benefits of sex tonight. You can read it elsewhere. Importance here is to share with you some intimate conversation. After you read it, dare to talk to your partner if you are in a relationship. It is a beautiful conversation. Like said, to have someone understand you, your soul and mind is a different kind of intimacy. So, know with whom you want to share this moment both mentally and physically. While sex can be enjoyable, know with whom you share this energy. Like you, sex is energy too. And, this energy is more intimate. Your energy and your partner’s energy will intertwined when you make love. Should you not trust into this, don’t go forward. This energy is so powerful that it can leave you spiritual debris if the energy of one person is not good. Love is a good vibration. You should feel it. So, don’t just flow in emotions. Because the more you flow into this energy, you will get closer to the energy of your partner. Our advice is: Allow yourself to know each other well. Help each other to get healed and empowered. Sex is indeed a beautiful thing.

Time to detox your body


Natural and Easy ways to Detox your Body

Yummy and tasty food are so good for the mouth. Especially for those who are crazy of fast and junk foods. But do you know how harmful they can be to your body? Well, now it is time to detox your body. How often do you rejuvenate your body and mind?

detox your body

detox your body


We will all fall victims to toxins if you do not regularly detox our body. It is recommended though to do so every few days. It will keep our mind at peace and stomach at ease. You might be knowing that our mind and stomach are two best buddies. When one is ill, the other gets affected too. Well, this is not a myth. Notice it yourself. Toxications is not just about the food you eat, but also the stress and depression which you gather. It is how you choose to live your life. If you understand about what are energies, you will notice decline in your energy level on some days while on other days you are well elevated. This can be because of the environment you are in or the people with whom you are surrounded with.  We have thus try to simplify things for you in order to detox your body.

Easy Ways for you to follow to detox your body

The fact that we are always in a rush, not caring about ourselves, we are bound to accumulate lots of toxins without knowing it. We do not digest all our food well. By adopting a good diet detox, it is said that you give a good rest to your organ and mind. Here’s a few natural and healthy tips for you:

  1. Eat more organic food and drink lots of clean water
  2.  Include two tablespoon of chia seeds in a glass of water to eliminate toxins from your body.
  3. Try to avoid processed food, fried food for days – Eat more fresh food (preferably green leafy vegetables)
  4. Why not go for fruit juice or raw fruits for a whole day? It is really healthy.
  5. Exercise regularly
  6. Ground yourself daily
  7. After each heavy meal, do not drink beverages. But, rather go for a hot green tea.
  8. Using laxatives, colon cleanses, or enemas.
  9. Best is to adopt this diet on a 7 day basis.