Discover the body mind and spirit

Discover the body mind and spirit
Discover the body mind and spirit

Discover the Body Mind and Spirit

”Health is a state of complete harmony of the body,mind and spirit.  When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open. ” – B.K.S. Lyengar

Body Mind and Spirit
Body Mind Spirit


How to discover and nurture your body, mind and spirit?

They are all interconnected.  When  you are physically ill, it affects your emotions and vice-  versa. Equally when you are mentally disturbed, both  your emotions and physics are affected.  Your body  mind and spirit forms the real you. Ignorance of one  leads to the destruction of the self.  Valuing each other  is only under your own care. Often in the daily hustle  and bustle activities, you forget to treat the mind with  certain sweetness, the body with better care and the  spirit with good intentions. Its true also that you do relate your current circumstances to past issues, but its time to release them if you want your body mind and spirit to be in pure harmony.

 Generally your mind will generate a certain idea which if is not a good one will ultimately affect your body and spirit. Each moment you generate any kind of idea, make a decision, talk about anything, it will send signals to your body. Notice how you feel, your heart rates, your body temperature, your body language and the tone of your speech.  So it is very important what you talk about because each and every second the universe is constantly responding to your vibration. The Universe only respond to your vibration and feelings.
Balancing the body mind and spirit involves controlling your emotions (anger, worries, doubts, jealousy, greediness, fears ..). Simply your emotions play a great role in your life.  If you want to heal and recognise them, let others criticize you, you will know if you can deal with the criticism or not.  If you want improvement, you will accept the criticism and improve yourself.   It is not right to avoid your emotions because avoiding them will block your chakras.  We actually live our life on the very basis of emotions. Good emotions = happy body mind and spirit.