Healing and Manifestation

healing manifestation


what must you know about healing and manifestation

Why healing is so important in our life? Does Healing helps in the rapid manifestation process? For Healing and Manifestation to take place, you need to hold a positive mindset.  Your mind is your powerful asset.  But what if you do hold a positive mindset but still you cannot manifest the life you wish for.   It could be that you still have certain grudge, resentments and other forms of negative emotions hidden inside of you.  Healing is a simply a process of bringing back your health to its natural state by bringing balance and more energy to it.  How can healing help you cleanse negativity in your life?

healing and manifestation
healing and manifestation

It starts with the cleansing process.

Firstly ‪#‎grounding‬ techniques. Ground yourself before you start the releasing exercises. Grounding helps to clear out any negativity in your life. Negativity usually creates blockages in your lifestyle. Check the net for grounding techniques.

healing and manifestation

As soon as you are ready, set your intention to release all odds or things which no longer serve your life purpose. You can use affirmation with the right words such as : ” I am ready and willing to release all things which no longer serve my life purpose that are not good for my highest self”.

Most importantly, it is also necessary to forgive your self first. We have done many things unintentionally that have hurt our very self. Forgive yourself and ask forgiveness from others ( though you might not be talking with them to ask for forgiveness. Verbally affirm that you seek forgiveness from those which you might have hurt without knowing and you bless them all ) and also forgive others.

Write everything you want to release in a piece of paper and burn it, releasing it to the Universe. As you release, affirm again and again and feel the emotions and mention that you are releasing all and may the Universe make them disappear.