Karmic relationship

karmic relationship

Karmic relationship

We often hear about karma karma karma  … The law of karma is the law of cause and effect. Karma means ‘action’, and refers to the actions of our body, speech, and mind. Normally it is said what you sow is what you reap. You are thus recommended to perform good and moral acts only so that it does not affect your living.

Today we are going to talk about the karmic Relationship. What is it all about and how it affects your life?

Can a karmic relationship let you feel dejected, hurt, depressed and wounded?
See, a karmic relationship can be any relationship in your life.  If you believe in past lives, then proceed to further reading.  You have had many past life relationships which might not have been good ones.  Obviously you do not remember them all but there is a connection which remains.  Many times you might have come across people in your life who are totally strangers but you feel instantly connected to them.  Very often, the old energy remains if the relationship had not been a positive one.


Karmic Relationship
Karmic Relationship

At first hand, you feel like talking to the person but suddenly you start to feel drain, you create dislike for the person.  Very often that person will be the reason for your spiritual life lessons and let you grow emotionally strongly.

A karmic relationship is not necessarily your soul-mate. As mentioned, very often that person will go away from your life without you even understanding how and why it happened.  The thing is that, the energy must be cleansed or purified so that you can either continue together or end it up mutually relieving both of you from karmic debts.

You will come across many such karmic relationship in your life and the choice is yours to recognize them and let them go.  Do not be fooled by temptation or illusions that a particular relationship is the best for you.  Such a relationship will only overpower you and be destructive in the long run.

How do I recognize a karmic relationship?

  • A very intense attraction that draws you to them. However, there is a little voice inside of you which says let it go. But you are so much attracted that you are automatically drawn to them. BEWARE. Love is not an attraction.
  • More physical attraction (Sex) than Conditional Love.
  • Abusive relationships and even forced sex just to make your partner happy.
  • One will take the power in the relationship
  • Other forms of addiction such as drugs, alcohol, heavy smoking
  • Forgetting your family, dreams or giving up your other interests in life
  • Staying aloof from society because of fears or weak emotions
  • Frequent depression, stress and insomnia
  • More break-ups in your life
  • Lies, cheating and betrayals
  • Irritation when talking to others
  • The relationship is more than just putting conditions.

And many more.
Time to take actions now if you identify yourself here.  Also the technique can also be used for anyone else if ever you feel like you met someone and need to cut your energy from them.