life purpose

life purpose
life purpose

Life Purpose

Every Life has a purpose just like yours. Your life purpose consists mainly of letting go the past and living in the present. Be confident and follow your heart true desire. What is it that truly makes you feel happiness? Certainly your life purpose is different from others.

How to find your purpose
find your life purpose

Discover how to find your life purpose

People often question about their existence on earth.  Why are you here and how to find your life purpose?  Some want to become celebrities, politicians, speakers, doctors, lawyers and so on.  As you grow up, you follow the step of others and want to be recognised in the society.  You finally become what the society wanted you to be after struggle and perseverance without even hearing the little voice inside of you.  Have you ever heard this voice? What really really makes your soul at peace?:
”How to find your life purpose?”  What this call is all about?  Which job gives you immense happiness and enthusiasm – to get up happily and rush to work?  Work? Should we call it work? or rather let’s say, it’s your second home.  Some finally create the life they always wanted while others live the life which society, their family created for them.   But what if you spend your years doing a job and now you realise you have some other purpose in life?  How do you react? You feel like you had enough pleading others, and now your soul is calling for peace. Wake up and take action!!

Everybody at some point in time will experience spiritual growth as they start to seek the truth by following spiritual gurus until they are satisfied with what they want in life. You keep changing teachers till you are satisfied. But such satisfaction can only be deemed as temporary but the greatest truth in life lies not in one destination but a continual  journey.