Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers
Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers: What are they?

   Can you be one of them?

psychic powers: Google Image
psychic powers: Google Image

It’s time to awaken the psychic powers within you if you haven’t recognised it yet.  A Psychic is someone who have special powers to get or receive information through the normal senses through Extrasensory Perception (ESP).  Some are naturally born with this special quality while others practice with excellency. Everyone possesses this hidden power, it’s just that some are not ready to discover it or some are not practising befittingly.  So can you be of them? What must you do to possess psychic powers?  Is it dangerous?

While this can be an interesting topic to research on, others find it too controversial. It is beyond this world.  Commonly known as the sixth sense, it is referred as to a metaphysical ability.  The sixth sense is beyond the normal five senses that a human being possess.  Some call it INTUITION.  It is the evolution of the senses that are dormant namely clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. With time and practice, psychics reach a point where they get connected with the Universal Cosmic Energies. You feel more connected with the Divine.  Some of the psychic abilities include mediumship, aura reading, psychic surgeries, telekinesis, astral projection, telepathy and so on.

Human beings do possess in them an undying dormant psychic ability that they need to explore, not exploit.  One should not use its powers as a manipulation tool. Use it to help, serve yourself and others.

psychic powers: Google Image
psychic powers: Google Image


Training yourself

How to possess these abilities? You need to practice with excellency.

Meditation is the solution.  You will need to quiet your personality during the meditation session so that you can open the channel for higher wisdom and knowledge. You will need to be patient, calm, be mindful. Feel what’s around you and listen to the silence calling.

Be Real. Before you go further to dig into your soul, get to know yourself. Who are you? Are you authentic? Do you love yourself enough? How well do you know yourself? How can you be a better person? What are your goals in life? Are you grateful to your existing senses? How do you treat them?

Research.  Before you want to explore your innate qualities, make some research. Prepare yourself mentally and physically. Train your brain well before. You do not need to meditate only to train yourself. Be in the moment now and acknowledge this fact that there is an innate power that exists and that is found within you. Let go your ego and learn to control your current senses and yourself. Be thirsty for knowledge.

Qualities.  Like said, practice with excellence. Learn to concentrate, be in NOW. Do not think of the future only. Let your thoughts be of now. We have the tendency to let our thoughts wonder in the future while forgetting the current moment. Practice to live in now.

How to meditate? The Third Eye Meditation is one of the most powerful one and I personally I love this mediation.  Simply close your eyes, take a deep breathe, inhale and exhale. Relax yourself and all your muscles until you feel peaceful and mindful. When you are ready, picture any object you want in your third eye. Color the object and see, feel the color. You will need to use all your senses to describe the object.
You can also visualise anything you want, feel what you are doing. The main part is to be aware of your visualization and to use your senses.

Guess. Practice with excellency means something. Isn’t it? How do you actually practice in the now moment? Whenever you receive a call, guess who can it be? When the postman knocks, guess which or whose letter can it be? Try to guess the color of the suits your friends will wear.. etc. With time, this guess will be a strong accurate tool for you.  You can also feel objects which belong to others. Try to feel the energies around you. How do you feel when you come across someone or a place? Energies do not lie. Learn to recognise your feelings and behaviors?

Positive.  Be positive in your approach.  Attract only thoughts that you want to manifest and make you happy.

Sleeping pattern.  Sleep with a smile on your face.  Think of good thoughts before you sleep because your subconscious mind acts like a GPS and will store most of the events you have been through.

We will continue further later.  For now this is enough for you.

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