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Yoga has become our daily routine

Not a discipline which only the Hindu Dharma follows It has its roots from ancient texts such as the vedas and upanishads. Well it is...

Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers: What are they?    Can you be one of them? It's time to awaken the psychic powers within you if you haven't recognised it...

chakra cleansing

chakra cleansing // // Ever heard of chakra cleansing? We are all energies and we vibrate accordingly to different energies present.  The chakras...

guided mindfulness meditation

Guided mindfulness meditation What the mind can perceive, it can conceive.  The Guided mindfulness meditation helps you to be in tune to your higher self,...

Healing and Manifestation

Healing what must you know about healing and manifestation Why healing is so important in our life? Does Healing helps in the rapid manifestation process? For...


life purpose

life purpose

Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship